Smart Mathematics Primary 2 Pupil's Book 9781316607282


Make the Smart choice with Cambridge! Cambridge Smart Mathematics Primary offers you a first-class print and digital course in Mathematics. The course has been developed in accordance with the 2013 NERDC Curriculum and Scheme of Work. It offers pupils accessible, high quality content to ensure the best foundation for future learning. Cambridge Smart Mathematics Primary 2 has three components. A Pupil’s Book which offers: accessible content, supported by colourful illustrations, a variety of activities and exercises to reinforce knowledge, questions to help pupils develop creative problem-solving skills, revision sections throughout the book. A Workbook which offers: activities that will consolidate the skills learnt in the Pupil’s Book, exercises to develop and practice concepts further. FREE, A Teacher’s Guide which offers: Schemes of Work to help plan weekly lessons, clear teaching guidelines, evaluation tools to help assess pupils’ development of specific skills.

ISBN: 9781316607282