E-learning powered by the Cambridge Elevate platform

Cambridge Elevate is our new digital learning subscription service and the home platform for Cambridge Elevate editions and Cambridge Elevate enhanced editions. Get easy access on your computer at elevate.cambridge.org or on your tablet via the Cambridge Elevate app to access your editions anytime, anywhere, online and offline. This flexible system fits the way you want to teach, and students want to learn. Use Cambridge Elevate to personalise the learning experience: set homework and annotate important passages, with Notes, Highlights and Voice notes or link to other content. Set downloadable worksheets as homework, or use them in the class. Save time with Book marks which take you and your students directly to your content.

  • Engage your students
  • Challenge their assumptions
  • Develop their understanding and
  • Accelerate their learning

The Smart series for Primary Schools and the Excellence In series for Junior and Senior Secondary Schools are now also available in Cambridge Elevate digital formats.